The Congressional Black Caucus HIV Initiative Clinic (CBC) started in June of 1999 in
response to the lack of discreet HIV primary care services on the Westside, where HIV
prevalence is the highest in Chicago. The Austin CBC Initiative is dedicated to providing the best care for our clients. We recognize that many of our clients are facing their illness alone. We offer support to guide them toward a healthier physical and emotional life.

We work together with our clients and maintain the following principles:

• Commitment to Quality Care
• Confidentiality
• Courtesy
• Creating a safe environment
• Communication


Primary Health Care Services
• HIV/AIDS primary care, counseling & testing
• Chronic disease management
• Immunizations (adult)
• Mental Health
• Psychosocial Support Groups
• Peer Navigation

Other Available Services

• HIV testing/ Community Outreach
• Transportation services for eligible Cook County Residents
• Case Management
• STI Screening and testing
Legal Council for Health Justice– relationship to provide referrals, benefits advocacy and HIV-related legal representation for clients. Legal Council for Health Justice is an organization devoted solely to providing a full spectrum of sensitive, quality legal services to financially needy people affected by HIV.

Call 773.826.9928 for information or to schedule an appointment

Case Management

Case Managers are client advocates who assess client
needs and link individuals and their families to
appropriate supportive services. This includes, but
is not limited to housing, legal services, food and
transportation depending upon eligibility.

Primary Care

Primary Care services are provided by a team of
medical professionals which includes Infection
Disease Specialists, Nurse Practitioner and Nursing support. This team
will assess, diagnose and treat all aspects of HIV
disease in a competent and professional manner
utilizing the latest clinical guidelines.

Counseling Services

Our Clinical Therapist is a licensed professional
who specializes in the psychosocial aspect of HIV
and other related issues. A range of counseling
services are provided including initial assessments,
individual and family counseling as well as a wide
range of weekly therapeutic services and mental health support groups.

Clinical Pharmacist

The Clinical Pharmacist
specializes in the various medicines
and clinical management of the patient. Our
Pharm.D. is kept informed about drug interactions,
disease-state management and the latest HIV therapies. Our closely with medical providers and the patient to assure the readiness
and appropriateness of medication treatment and

Patient Care Coordinator

The Patient Care Coordinator maintains the primary files for all clients, schedules clients for clinical appointments, coordinates data collection for Austin CBC Initiative reporting, and initializes requests to case finding to locate clients lost to care.

BASYC Peer Advocates

Peer advocates serve as a “sponsor to help navigate clients through the realities of living with HIV/AIDS. They build a rapport to follow-up with clients, making sure clients understand adherence, and care service recommendations. BASYC peer advocates also help newly diagnosed, and lost to care patients navigate the HIV system in a clinical setting.